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Virtual Instruments / Sound Libraries at Rast Sound

Here one can download and purchase the vast and full fledged RS-Vos "Contemporary Colours" Virtual Instrument / Sound Library.

Here one can download the free but full functional RS-Vos
"Vos Contemporary" Virtual Instrument / Sound Library.

Some background; what the *beep* is a Virtual Instrument, a Sound Library and VST Technology? Please go here.
In a nutshell, a Virtual Instrument / Sound Library is software which enables the user to compose and play music / sound design.

Over time I developed an extensive variety of musical and sonic styles and worlds.
Luckily I stumbled upon the sound library and virtual instruments developer, company and web shop called Rast Sound (RS).

By 2018 a realm of trust and mutual understanding did emerge, resulting in the creation of two RS-Vos Artist Libraries / Virtual Instruments; crafted, developed and designed by Rast Sound and by myself, using a carefully selected amount of samples which I extracted out of a number of compositions I composed within the last 35 years.

Enjoy and happy music making!
Matthijs Vos



As being an independent artist I finance lots of stuff and projects just by myself. In case you like my work, please feel free to donate.




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