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studio setup, 2022

- please check my 'micro music' on Facebook -


-- Since February 2024 my studio is based in Athens, Greece.
Admin business office remains in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Please contact me regarding further details.



Additional promotion of some of my music; carried out by Drop Nation
- TrashTech Piano - teaser
- Six Winged Symphony - as one lengthy track
- Six Minutes

-- I am working on a new series of compositions, tracks and edits, e.g. for the stageplay Mercury’s Footpath, written by Ellen McLaughlin, directed by Martine Zeeman. To be performed in August; Noordwijk, Netherlands.


-- Rast Sound (RS) Sephardic Vocals Virtual Instrument / Sound Library on market since March 2022.
Vocalist Anke de Bruijn, creating and producing of samples by myself
- Review in Sound On Sound magazine, November 2022 issue.

-- RS-Vos Contemporary Colours Virtual Instrument / Sound Library, on market since Summer 2021
- Review in Sound On Sound magazine, March 2022 issue


-- RS-Vos Vos Contemporary free promo Virtual Instrument / Sound Library on market

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