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Personal Playlist

Below stated some of my favorite music and online radio stations.
Inspiration and nourishment for heart, mind and soul.
The styles, origin, properties and "feel" of the music hereunder covers a vast array.
As always I love to emphasize, 'within the realm of music the sun never sets'.

Documentaries about music or musicians will be present as well.
Certain links I intend to keep on this page *for ever*, such as The Enigma documentary about the pianist Sviatoslav Richter.
But changes will occur as I find new marvels on the net, sometimes replacing existing links.

I suggest you turn off the YouTube Autoplay button. Why? Because it will improve the focus on the music you actually chose to hear.
Please scroll down this webpage as well.

Enjoy, Matthijs


  • Edgar Varèse - Arcana -- Pierre Boulez
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte -- Various Artists e.g. Jaap Spek
  • Luciano Berio - Formazioni
  • Luciano Berio - Visage
  • Olivier Messiaen - Chronochromie -- Pierre Boulez
    Followed by La Ville d'en haut and Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum
  • Sviatoslav Richter - pianist - The Enigma documentary, part 1 and part 2

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