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work at studio, 2022


Music, Sound Design and Sound Libraries for Arts and Stage,
Film and other Entertainment Industries

Welcome to my website.
It will be under construction at any time, even in current 2023 - 2024 era, ever evolving.
The website was launched at 2006. In case of any inquiries or comments, please contact me or the webmaster.


My styles of music and sound design are widespread; from contemporary classical to experimental and alternative techno, crossover and fusion inspired as well.

  • Additionally you have the option to buy music at digital music services such as Amazon, for instance my Six Winged Symphony
  • Nature Source music-video project

  • Primarily this website is dedicated to music and sound.
    In case you are interested in historic backgrounds regarding recording of sound, FirstSounds.Org is the place to go. https-version available as well.
  • Feel like building your own studio right now? This is a good place to start.


Pitching my music

I am pitching towards Film and other Entertainment Industries, and towards various types of Arts as well.

Journey of Music and Technology

My journey is one of hybrid forms combining instrumental and electronic music.
I used to work with true analogue equipment (e.g. analogue synthesizers, for example the semi-modular Korg PS3200) but the upkeep and maintenance of those gear is fairly troublesome this day and age. So in a way I am being forced to use digital apparatus, such as computers... After some years of digital hell, sometimes due to system bugs but quite often human errors, I worked myself towards heaven "even without noticing this very process".
I discovered my creativity thrives best with random processes (.....)

In the year of 2022, I acquired the ASM Hydrasynth Desktop after twenty years of solely working with software synthesizers.
So after many years I am back in the hardware synthesizer game.
But only starting from May 2024, I am able to take the ASM Hydrasynth to
an entirely different level, because of the lately obtained Native Instruments Kontrol S88 MK3 MIDI controller / keyboard, featuring Polyphonic Aftertouch.

Background and whereabouts

I have been composer for over thirty years.
Coming first from the classical music world, conservatory, oboe studies, I started working with different means in the eighties; electronic methods of composing and producing sound design and music.
Most of the time I have been working in The Netherlands, mainly for stage plays and ballet.

Since February 2024 my studio is based in Athens, Greece.
Admin business office remains in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Please contact me regarding further details.

Musically yours, Matthijs



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