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Matthijs Vos, photo by (c) 2013 Roland Nieuwendijk
Matthijs Vos at Dutch Opera Surround Sound Studio. Photo by Roland Nieuwendijk at


Music and Sound Libraries for Arts, Film and other Entertainment Industries

Welcome to my website.
It will be under construction at any time, even in current 2021-2022 era, ever evolving.
The website was launched at 2006. In case of any inquiries or comments, please contact me or the webmaster.


My styles of music are widespread, from contemporary classical to experimental and alternative, crossover and world inspired as well.

Here are my IMDb show reel pages.

As a brief but profound introduction to my music, the "quick listening" SoundCloud page.

At Music.YouTube you can listen nearly all of my music as a "stream" for free.
And here as well.

Within the Music-section of this website you can pre-listen my work in low quality mp3 for free.  
Fortunately you have the option to buy my music via PayPal and digital music services, e.g. Amazon and many more.
Such as following sales location at Amazon, where you can buy and download e.g. "Six Winged Symphony".

My Halloween Music project, a very different train;
and here background information and links regarding my Virtual Instruments / Sound Libraries.

My Nature Source music-video project you can follow on Facebook as well.

Please note within this website there are hidden pages containing music which is not released yet. Please contact me about further details.


Pitching my music

I am pitching towards Film and other Entertainment Industries, as well towards fine Artists, sculpture Artists, Kinetic and Installation Artists including Land Art Artists.


As being an independent artist I finance lots of stuff and projects just by myself. In case you like my work, please feel free to donate.


Journey of Music and Technology

My journey is one of hybrid forms combining instrumental and electronic music.
I used to work with true analogue equipment (e.g. analogue synthesizers, for example the semi-modular Korg PS3200) but the upkeep and maintenance of those gear is fairly troublesome this day and age. So in a way I am being forced to use digital apparatus, such as computers... After some years of digital hell, sometimes due to system bugs but quite often human errors, I worked myself towards heaven "even without noticing this very process".
I discovered my creativity thrives best with random processes (.....)


I have been composer for over thirty years.
Coming first from the classical music world, conservatory, oboe studies, I started working with different means in the eighties; electronic methods of composing and producing sound design and music.
Most of the time I have been working in The Netherlands and United Kingdom, mainly for stage plays and ballet.
Since January 2017 my studio is based in the Aveyron, France.
Admin business office remains in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Please contact me regarding further details.



As we speak I am 'living in transition', meaning living towards an artist community, Eco-village or self-sufficient home / business in Europe or Canada. This stage will take several years of time.


Musically and 'transitionally' yours,

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