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Downtown Music Services - My Digital Aggregator

Rast Sound - My Virtual Instruments / Sound Library Publisher and Seller

PRS for Music
- My Performing Right Society

At first I need to convey I am pitching towards Film Industries, other Entertainment Industries and towards various artistic fields.

But when it comes to my music as such; despite the fact most of it is nicely aggregated allover the net by Downtown Music Services, I still don't have a label, other than my own, which is just a necessary administrative and legal vehicle, needed for the aggregation.

After thirty-five years of work it would be good to be signed, so I am looking for a label, and looking to get placements in Movies, Series and Video Games.

Note all of my aggregated music is subject to non-exclusive licensing.
It means all of that is still available for third party non-exclusive usage.

But some of my work is not yet aggregated nor released.
It does mean those specific pieces or tracks can be used exclusively; same for newly written work of course.

Having said all of that, I still do compose and produce new work.
As we speak, in the year of 2024, I am working on several new compositions and tracks.


My rates vary due to specific project conditions. Please contact me regarding further details.


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