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Midem - Sometimes you can meet me there, fun and biz combined

DashGo (former) / Downtown Music Services - Digital Aggregator

Rast Sound - Virtual Instruments / Sound Library Publisher

PRS for Music
- Performing Right Society

At first I need to convey I am pitching towards Film Industries, other Entertainment Industries and towards various artistic fields.
But when it comes to my music as such; despite the fact most of it is nicely aggregated by former DashGo / Downtown Music Services, I still don't have a label, other than my own which is just a necessary administrative and legal vehicle, needed for the aggregation.

After thirty-five years of work it would be good to be signed, so I am looking for a label, and looking to get placements in Movies, Series and Video Games.

Note all of my aggregated music is subject to non-exclusive licensing.
It means all is still available for third party non-exclusive usage.
Some of my work is not aggregated and not released as well, so for those works no licensing till now.
It does mean that kind of work can be used exclusively; same for newly written work of course.
Having said all of that, I still do compose and produce new work.
As we speak, Autumn 2021 - Winter 2022, I am working on a new series of compositions / tracks.


My rates vary due to specific project conditions. Please contact me regarding further details.


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